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Going outside.

January 24, 2010

To go outside, he has to takes some initiative.

He does.


Cik Kebaya

January 5, 2010

Tadi siang. Berjalan-jalan dengan riang tapi laju. Turun anak tangga yang besar2 tu terlompat-lompat.


Jatuh tangga…Serius. Aku jatuh bersimpuh. Hahahahaha…. Gelak dulu sebelum terdiam.

Baru teringat yang aku pakai baju kebaya.
Baru teringat yang aku pakai heels.
Baru teringat yang aku kat SEKOLAHHH!!!

Mesti ade student yang nampak. Ahhhh..biarlaa…

Wecome 2010.

January 3, 2010

Again, a new year has come.

1st Jan is a big day for me. The day i had set my target for the whole year. I have to start to think about my future, what im going to be, what is my vision and how i want accomplish it.

New year is also my mom birthday. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY IBU”

Tomorrow is the first day school for this year. Im well prepared for it.

Happy New Year, Earth!!!